Films That Can Bring Back The Kid In You

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Have you ever wondered what other people dreamt at night? This is what exactly Dom Cobb does in the film Inception starring Leonardo Dicaprio. But that’s not all, he can steal anyone’s information through sub consciousness and this is where the twist of the story comes in. He targets the rich and the famous where he steals a lot of information and eventually live the life he wanted to be. However, he seeks redemption and uses his power for good.

  • Speaking of powers, Fantastic Four is indeed fantastic when it comes to their ability to control flame, becoming invisible, be as hard as a rock and stretch as far you can go. This film was a massive hit back in 2005 followed by another sequel featuring silver surfer. Yet, there was a remake in 2015 featuring new casts. Indeed, the Marvel Universe would never fail its fans to bring their superheroes into life.

  • In case you don’t want movies, then how watching Japanese Anime? Princess Mononoke is a masterpiece and the storytelling is very intriguing. It is an anime epic back in 1997 and brings back the anime series to life. The story begins with the forest princess and other interesting creatures in the forest.


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