DC Movies You Must Watch

admin February 9, 2018 Views 145

Comic-based movies are now dominating the cinema world because a lot of their fans are looking forward to watch them on big screen. Before 2017 ended, a lot of DC-inspired movies were released and here are some that you should really watch.

Which Movies To See

  • Wonder Woman – this is the most highly recommended DC movie to watch because it set the standards for all other hero movies. Aside from the good storyline, the sexy lead actress acted out the role as Diana very well.
  • Batman Vs. Superman – one of the movies that a hero fight another hero. Which justice would prevail? Would it make the world better if they just fought alongside together?
  • Justice League – superheroes have gathered together to fight the villains. Now that the world is more vulnerable, would their perspective on justice enough to save the people, or do we need to recall back someone who should be here in the first place?

  • The Dark Knight – the story behind Batman and how he ended up like he is, seeking revenge and justice to murders and wrong doers. Join Bruce Wayne as he takes the path being a superhero lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike.